Virtual School Assistance Program

We know Madison County’s decision to go all-virtual for the first nine weeks presents some challenges for everyone. How to continue balancing a professional career and quality home-schooling is a concern. Also, we know quarantine is causing major cabin fever for some. Many of you are wondering if you’ll ever have time to yourself again! To that end, we have created a program starting on August 19th that will help your child with their virtual school work and give YOU some much-needed time off! 

See below for more details on how our Virtual School Assistance Program works!

Pick A Plan

One day, three day, and five day plans are available and will be offered from 9:00 am-12:30 pm.

Virtual School Assistance

We will provide for your child help with their daily Virtual School assignments. This instruction will be provided by our licensed school teacher, Mrs. Meadows Tidmore, who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Development and a Master’s degree in Elementary Education. She has taught at both Legacy and Monrovia Elementary for 14 years. We request each child bring a laptop or iPad with them to class so we can log them onto the Virtual School Portal. If you are interested in this program but don’t have a portable computer of some kind please let us know.

Class Size

We are only accepting a small number of students in this program. This will also allow for personalized attention and individualized instruction during your child’s virtual school day.

Safety Measures

The safety of our students and staff is of paramount importance to us. Temperatures will be checked upon arrival. Those with over a 99 degree temperature will not be allowed in class that day. Masks are required and the classroom will be sanitized daily. Each child’s work station will be 6 feet from other classmates.


After Virtual School is finished for the day, Mrs. Tidmore will offer a variety of enriching activities including arts, crafts, and games, which will keep your child engaged and socializing with their friends in a small group setting. We recognize the challenge of keeping children not only entertained but also engaged in meaningful activities beyond the scope of their school day.  Rocket City Martial Arts is pleased to offer a breadth of creative arts, crafts, music, the practical arts, and science and math extension activities sure to pique students’ curiosity in a fun and relevant way.  Crafting supplies are provided by RCMA unless specifically noted. Lesson Topics are noted below.

Visual Arts

From crafting their own ceramic figurines to making paper mosaics to creating tissue paper paintings and more, RCMA teachers will guide students through an exploration of a variety of visual arts using mixed-media materials.  A light introduction to artistic movements such as pointillism complements the hands-on portion of the visual arts component of our program.


Using both everyday objects and conventional crafting tools, students will create their own orchestra by building instruments from straw pan flutes to Brazilian rain sticks.

Practical Arts

Students will explore horticultural endeavors by creating terrariums and wildflower seed bombs, among other green thumb endeavors. Additionally, students will take responsibility for tending their own plant for the duration of the program.


Students will get a hands-on experience of the scientific method, developing hypotheses and testing them out through such crafts as dancing worms, straw airplanes, and space sun catchers.

Siblings Are Allowed

Siblings may also attend at a discounted price but they must be at least four years old.


If in the event the public schools reopen and you want to withdraw your child please provide written notice at your earliest convenience.


1-Day Plan

$150 per month. Have one morning off per week for errands, doctor’s visits, even a date with your significant other! Once you pick a day of the week you must keep that day. So if you select Monday, that is your day every week (a total of 4 Mondays per month).

3-Day Plan

$300 per month. For $75 per week you can bring your child for Virtual School Assistance three days per week. Once you pick a three day schedule you must keep those days every week. 

5-Day Plan

$400 per month. For $100 per week we will ensure your child has dedicated time each day to complete their Virtual School assignments in the presence of a licensed teacher who can assist them with any struggles they may have.

Sibling Discount

Siblings will receive a $25 per month discount off the prices listed above.

Payment Options

We offer two payment options. Parents can pay a fourth of their tuition every Friday or pay for the month in-full on a day of their choice.

Register For A Free Tour

Please complete our web form using the button below and a team member will call to arrange a free school tour.

We're excited to offer this program and will be waiting for your child on August 19th!