Virtual Martial Arts Classes

In addition to live classes, Rocket City Martial Arts now offers a Virtual Martial Arts Instruction Program!  These interactive classes will teach your child the basics of martial arts in the comfort and safety of their own home.

Class Structure and Format

Virtual Martial Arts Classes (VMACs) feature one instructor and a small group of students for the 30 minute duration of class. Our small group setting gives you the opportunity to observe actual real-time instruction and positive instructor feedback that will keep your child engaged and learning new techniques every week.

In keeping with our established high standards and excellence in teaching quality, each VMAC follows the same routine as RCMA in-studio classes:

  • warm-up
  • instruction in basics
  • application of those basics
  • leadership-oriented “Mat Chats”
  • a fun closing game
  • opportunities for discussion and questions

In addition to basic instruction, VMAC “Mat Chats” provide students the opportunity to discuss the basic tenets of our martial arts style and to focus each month on one specific tenet. We discuss a broad-based lesson on the meaning and value of the principle, as well as the practical application of the concept’s application in students’ home and school lives. Our twelve tenets are: Integrity; Self-Discipline; Perseverance; Empathy; Teamwork; Sincerity; Self-Control; Honesty; Focus; Endurance;
Excellence; and Patience.  

So put on some comfy gym clothes, grab your water bottle, and join us in our VMAC studio as you begin your martial arts journey!

Try it for free!  Not sure Virtual Martial Arts Classes are for you?  We invite you to try a class specifically designed for beginners.  Trial classes are 20 minutes in duration and offered at a time that works best for you. Register here and our staff will call to arrange your free virtual trial. At the end of your session, our instructor will give you our full schedule and let you know what classes your child is eligible for based on the results of their free trial.

Virtual Martial Arts Classes:

How it works:

1. Download the Cisco Webex Meetings app to your computer or tablet prior to the class (Webex, a Cisco product, is secure and downloadable from your Apple and Google Play stores.)

2. After registering here, a member of our team will call  to arrange your free trial. During that call, you will receive a text with your personalized WebEx link.

3. On the day and time of your free trial, click the link to be connected to our online classroom, where your instructor will be waiting for you.

4. After your free trial, you will need to decide if virtual classes are right for you and your child. If you enroll in a class, you’ll be given a permanent WebEx link to use every week.

5. Only students with the personal WebEx link can participate in the class. All students will be able to see each other during class.
6. Gym clothes/play clothes are appropriate for the free virtual class.

Please note:

*We recommend you use a tablet (such as an iPad), laptop, or desktop computer to access Webex; cellular phones are discouraged for VMACs because the small screen size does not facilitate the best possible viewing environment.

*It is imperative that you engage your chosen device’s webcam for the virtual class so that our instructors can see the student and can give them feedback.  Because the virtual class is interactive, we cannot enroll students who do not have a webcam. Please contact the RCMA office if you are unsure of whether or not you have a built in camera, so that we can help advise on this matter.