Rocket City Martial Arts offers classes to children as young as 5 years old. Kids will learn non-violent conflict resolution while increasing physical fitness, making friends and most importantly having fun.

We believe martial arts training empowers girls and boys, giving them a natural confidence that can ward off bullies and predators.

We understand that all kids learn differently. When teaching a child, we recognize there's a time to push them through a challenge and a time to celebrate their best effort...and our intuitive instructors know the difference.


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Is Martial Arts the right activity for your child?

Check to see if your child has any of these challenges:

  • They are more introverted and shy and appear to lack the confidence needed to live up to their full potential.
  • They have problems showing respect for you, their teachers, or their peers – sometimes even acting out and causing problems for everyone around them.
  • They don’t seem to listen or follow directions well, often being told over and over to do something before they actually do it.
  • They haven't found a sport or activity yet that provides them with healthy role models.
  • They have suffered from a bullying situation or even worse, have acted out as a bully.

Why involve your children in martial arts? Because it:

  • Builds Leadership Skills
  • Fosters Self-Discipline
  • Boosts Socialization Skills
  • Encourages Physical Fitness
  • Improves Listening Skills
  • Increases Self-Esteem
  • Instills a Sense of Respect for Themselves and Others
  • Encourages Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
  • Develops Teamwork Skills
  • Improves Concentration and Eye/Hand Coordination
  • Assists in Teaching Children to Set and Achieve Goals
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To All Parents,

I’m Sensei Matt Gilliard, owner and head instructor here at Rocket City Martial Arts .

As a 5th degree black belt with 25 years of training and extensive experience teaching, there is nothing better than seeing our students grow firsthand. Even more important than the martial arts skills they learn, are the leadership skills they will develop and carry with them for life.

Martial arts are so much more than just punching, kicking, and getting the next colorful belt. It’s about building character, self-control, discipline, respect, and confidence.

With every class they take, your children grow in mind, body and character. That’s because our instructors provide instant positive feedback. Through learning to focus on core skills, they develop both discipline and control. They can instantly see and feel their progress, and begin building confidence, self-awareness and self-respect.

Through directed practice in our group classes, your children get the mental and physical stimulation they need to grow and thrive as they mature. And they make lifelong friendships in the process!

That’s why I love teaching martial arts to children in our community, and why I know your kids are going to LOVE their training with us.

So please have a look below to find out exactly how your kids can benefit from our fun martial arts classes.

We hope to see your child on the mat soon!


Your Child will Grow With Every Class

Hear what other experts say regarding the Benefits of Martial Arts for Children:

From Parenting.com

"Activities like tae kwon do, kung fu and aikido are a fun way for both boys and girls to achieve fitness and focus. Some parents may think they also promote violence, but that's a myth, according to experts. The martial arts actually help teach self-discipline and socialization skills.

From HuffingtonPost.com

Martial arts training gives your son or daughter the chance to strengthen in mind as well as body. It encompasses not just the physical aspect of the “sport”, but mental and emotional lessons as well.

From Livestrong.com

"Martial arts classes aren't designed to turn your child into a mini fighting machine. Instead, practices such as karate, taekwondo and jujitsu build self-confidence, respect and pride.
Of course, martial arts give kids a chance to be active, which helps work off energy in hyper little ones or gets kids who tend to be sedentary up and moving. However, these ancient practices also teach your kids responsibility, bolster self-esteem, enhance concentration and develop respect for themselves and others."