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After School Care with a Purpose

Looking for more than babysitting?

Rocket City Martial Arts is pleased to provide After School Care that offers a breadth of extracurricular activities to engage your littles ages 5-12. 

After School Care (ASC) Program Features: 

  • HOURS: 3:00-6:30pm daily, Monday through Friday
  • Homework help from a licensed educator
  • Enriching arts and crafts each day
  • Martial arts classes that teach focus, discipline, fitness, and leadership development. 
  • School pick-up and transportation to RCMA available from Harvest Elementary and Endeavor Elementary.

Our first priority is the health and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. Children in the After School Care Program will be in contact-free classes with the same students every day. The six foot distance guideline will be followed where possible and masks will be required. Students will have their temperature checked upon arrival to RCMA. Children with a temperature over 99 degrees will be sent home for the safety of all. Regular hand-washing will be required and classrooms will be sanitized daily. 

Registration for the 2020/2021 academic year is now open. In an effort to be as safe as possible during the Covid-19 situation, space is limited to 12 children, so sign up to save your spot today!  

To register for a free tour of our ASC facilities and to meet our teachers, click here:


We recognize the challenge of keeping children not only entertained, but also engaged in meaningful activities beyond the scope of their school day.  Rocket City Martial Arts is pleased to offer a breadth of creative arts, crafts, music, the practical arts, martial arts, and science extension activities sure to pique students’ curiosity in a fun and relevant way.  Crafting supplies are provided by RCMA, unless specifically noted.

Visual Arts: From crafting their own ceramic figurines to making paper mosaics to creating tissue paper paintings and more, RCMA teachers will guide students through an exploration of a variety of visual arts using mixed-media materials.  A light introduction to artistic movements such as pointillism complements the hands-on portion of the visual arts component of ASC.

Music: Using both everyday objects and conventional crafting tools, students will create their own orchestra by building instruments from straw pan flutes to Brazilian rain sticks.

Practical Arts: Students will explore horticultural endeavors by creating terrariums and wildflower seed bombs, among other green thumb endeavors. Additionally, students will take responsibility for tending their own plant for the duration of their stay in the ASC. 

Martial Arts: Martial arts training provides for students the opportunity not only to develop their own sense of self-control, but also to delve into their innate capacities for leadership.  Students will explore a variety of martial arts styles, including karate, aikido, and jujitsu.  

STEM: Students will get a hands-on experience of the scientific method, developing hypotheses and testing them out through such crafts as dancing worms, straw airplanes, and space sun catchers.

School pick-up protocol:

We provide transportation from your child’s school to our studio. We pick up children from Harvest Elementary, Endeavor Elementary, and Legacy Elementary. Masks are required for everyone's safety. Your child’s school must have written confirmation from you that a Rocket City Martial Arts instructor can retrieve him/her; a copy of this form, which you will complete upon registration, will also be on file with the driver of the van.  Children will be transported to RCMA at 7560 Wall Triana Highway Suite A in Madison in our 15 passenger van by the licensed driver and by an aide, who sits in the back of the van as a moderator.  Students arrive at our location between 2:45 and 3:15. 

RCMA instructors are licensed drivers who have been drug tested and background checked. All RCMA vehicles are regularly mechanically maintained and in safe operating condition.

RCMA dismissal protocol:

RCMA is open until 6:30pm for your convenience.

Upon registration, parents are required to provide a list of adults who are allowed to retrieve their child from ASC.  Anyone arriving to retrieve a child must be checked against this list and then provide a driver’s license in order to sign the child out of the program for the day.  NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO RETRIEVE A CHILD IF THEIR NAME IS NOT ON THE PRESUBMITTED LIST.  Additions and amendments to this list must be made IN WRITING and submitted to the Rocket City Martial Arts Office at 7560 Wall Triana Highway, Suite A, Madison, AL 35757; a phone call does not qualify as an acceptable amendment to the presubmitted list.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter; your child’s safety is our primary concern.

Ready to get started?

Crafts, STEM, music, martial arts, gardening—variety and volume all in one place! This is not your typical after school program; this is Rocket City Martial Arts with the unmatched quality programming your child deserves and that you’ve come to expect.

Ready to get your child on their way to an engaging and invigorating extracurricular experience?  Click here to register for a free ASC trial and we’ll see you after school!

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after school care program
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Your Child will Grow With Every Class